Karabowicz and Associates is more than a computer store. We offer low-cost solutions with no sacrifices in quality using industry proven manufacturers. Our approach to selling is simple: we make sure that the equipment you purchase is the equipment you need. We are not required to meet sales quota's and therefore, do not participate in "high-pressure" sales. We offer extended warranty agreements depending on the product you purchase. Let our many years of experience in the industry assist you in purchasing the best equipment for your situation.


Why K&A for products

Quality equipment and the best pricing for you

The right product for the situation

No "must sell - must buy" scenario

Optional extended warranty agreements


Sampling of products that we offer

Hardware - notebooks, tablets, desktops, servers
Software - operating systems and applications
Phone Systems - small, medium, and large enterprise
Security - cameras, firewalls, authentication

We have available products from nation-wide distribution
channels which allows us access to a multitude of products with flexibility in shipping and delivery.


Vendors and Manufacturers

Even though we don't have quota requirements from our suppliers, we maintain relationships which benefit you in regards to past, present, and future technologies. If we have access to it, we will obtain it for you. If we don't have access to it, we will tell you how to obtain it.

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